Konami celebrates 35 years of Castlevania with… NFTs?

The Konami studio, at the origin of the legendary Castlevania franchise, will also sell NFTs for the anniversary of its game.

Between the video games and NFTs, these non-falsifiable tokens registered on the blockchain, there is like love in the air. After the launch of the Quartz platform by Ubisoft, it’s another studio’s turn to get into the crypto business with an exclusive NFT collection. This is Konami, the Japanese studio to which we owe the video game franchises PES, Silent Hill and… Castlevania !

This last celebrates its 35th anniversary in 2022 (already!) And for the occasion, Konami has revealed that it wants to sell a collection of 14 works of art in the form of NFTs, as has been the custom for a year already. The sale will take place from January 12 on the Opensea platform, “the largest marketplace for NFTs”. As such, the studio explains:

« The Konami NFT Memorial is a new initiative to share content that has been loved by gamers around the world, for many years. As this is the company’s first project in this area, and NFTs and blockchain technology are still in their infancy, Konami will continue to explore new developments and listen to player feedback after this initial fundraising. . »

The first in a long line?

This therefore implies that the company has every intention of putting things back together, once this first round of works has elapsed! Of course, if gamers are overwhelmingly unhappy, Konami should listen to the opinions of its fans, just like the developers of S.T.A.L.K.E.R  2 who ultimately do not intend to integrate NFTs into the game. Konami is not yet at this stage, but who knows, it may be scheduled for later?

In the meantime, fans of Castlevania will soon be able to purchase the physical version of the game Castlevania Requiem, which will be released on PS4 by January 14. Those more interested in virtual works can already open an account on Opensea to take advantage of the sale of NFTs, of which you can find the complete list. just here. There will be diversity, with unpublished images, game scenes cut during the editing or even music.

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