TikTok star who sells jars with her farts now sells them as NFT

When it comes to selling a product or service, social networks are an excellent alternative to carry out this task.

Through them people can have the opportunity to find stores or services that meet their needs.

However, there are times when a proposal arises that makes us frown and ask ourselves, is this real?

Is this the case Stephanie Matto, a reality TV star who made headlines recently after becoming known that she was engaged in package your farts and market them through his TikTok account, earning a lot of money from homework.

However, the star has decided to stop selling them, although this does not necessarily mean that his business with this peculiar product has concluded. In that sense, Matto announced that he will sell his farts no longer physically, but as tokens no fungibles (NFT).

The reason behind this change lies in the fact that Stephanie expressed in a video that she had to go to the hospital after presenting gastric complications as a consequence of having ingested an excessive amount of high fiber foods in order to increase fart production.

In this regard, Matto expressed the following:

«I thought I was having a stroke and these were my final moments».

When describing herself, Matto considers herself a farting businesswoman.

It all started in November last year, when Matto had the initiative to pack his farts in jars to sell them online. Added to this, Matto documented on video the foods he consumed to stimulate the production of this gas, among which stood out protein muffins, beans and eggs.

According to a report, Matto was receiving an estimated amount of 50 thousand dollars a week as a result of your effort, although unfortunately the profitability of your business would not last long.

However, despite having stopped farting, Matto has taken another approach to his business by doing Draws of their fart jars to sell them in NFT format.

NFT fart jars

Thus, Matto set out to launch a website where he put up for sale 5 thousand NFT of fart jars worth .05 ether each, equivalent to 191 dollars.

However, it is not ruled out that Matto takes the business to its old mode, since on the website it indicates that of the virtual fart jars NFT 100 of these will be interchangeable for real fart jars. We will have to wait and see if it fulfills its promise.

To access the Matto NFT fart bottle gallery click HERE

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