717 gigapixel image of Rembrandt painting created

When it comes to smartphones, one aspect of these devices that is always improved in each new model launched on the market is the camera, so that images of much better resolution and quality can be obtained.

However, not even the most powerful camera phone today is capable of replicating what was done by the team at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, who made headlines by achieving the highest resolution photograph ever created.

This photograph was obtained from the painting the Rembrandt’s Night Watch. Regarding its dimensions, this work presents a length 363 cm x 437 cm, a space in which the talent of its author is perfectly reflected in the handling of light and shadow, which work together to make the two main figures generate the illusion of moving in the sunlight.

For this project, a total of 8,439 100-megapixel single exposures that were later joined to form a complete image of 717 million pixels, that is, 717 gigapíxeles.

Regarding the process involved after this result, the research team in charge had to implement complex logistics to be able to capture each of the details present in the work.

For this they took a Hasselbad H6D and they mounted it on a special arm, thus being able to do the heavy lifting. Thus, each shot obtained with this device had a 125 micron depth of field, that is, 1/8 of a millimeter.

In this way, the team proceeded to scan the surface of the painting with a laser and then adjusted the focus before taking each shot, also aided by a red neuronal which was responsible for preserving color and sharpness at optimal levels for each exposure.

It is worth mentioning that each pixel represents a space smaller than a red blood cell in human blood. This results in an image with a vast amount of detail in the end to be explored by both Operation Night Watch investigators as well as art historians.

You will be able to have the opportunity to appreciate the photo by pressing HERE

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