How to check the health status of your Android mobile battery

We well know that Apple is the brand that has introduced in its iPhone phones the possibility of looking, natively, phone battery health and see if it is already necessary to consider other options.

On the contrary, Android mobiles do not have this function natively, so in theory it is not possible to use the tool. However, there are options that allow this to be possible through third party instruments.

That said, it is of interest to anyone to know the status of their mobile battery, so today we will be commenting on those alternatives you have to know their level of health and know if it is already degrading.

It should be noted that, whether it is an Android or iOS mobile, the batteries are considered to be in an optimal state and in good health when they exceed 85% of the percentage, In addition, these tend to wear out to a greater extent when they are loaded up to 100%.

This means that, if the battery of your smartphone is below this number, it is possible that the mobile begins to turn off suddenly and frequently.

Leaving all this clear, there is an application that goes by name AccuBattery and it can be downloaded quietly from Google Play, which is centered in everything that refers to the care of batteries, showing different statistics of wear, battery consumption for each application, among many other functions.

AccuBattery and how it works


This application developed by Digibites has, as we have just mentioned, different tools designed solely to deal with issues of mobile batteries. Well, one of its best features is knowing the vitality of them and for how much longer will it work correctly.

However, this information cannot be seen the first time, since as it does not have data as such from your mobile and its battery, the application cannot access the internal reports and see its current status. For this, all you have to do is have the application downloaded and carry out several charging cycles, as you would normally when the mobile is about to download. After this, you must do the following:

– Enter the application.
– From among the 4 different categories of functions that exist, enter the one of Health.
– You will see all the information about the wear of the battery after each charge, its own level of health, the estimated time of useful life, etc.

This would be all that is necessary to achieve the objective, and although there are different options of the AccuBattery style within Google Play, this is one of the most reliable and its 10 million downloads endorse it. If it is an app that interests you, press here to download it.

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