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Mercedes will significantly increase its depth of added value in the next generation of electric cars, as Daimler development chief Markus Schäfer announced in an interview with Automobilwoche. Several locations benefit from this. The construction of the first cell factory is also imminent.


Daimler Head of Development Markus Schäfer in front of the EQXX. The drivetrain for the future e-cars is to come from in-house. (Photo: Mercedes)

Mercedes will completely build the entire drive for the new MMA and MB.EA electrical architectures from 2024. “To do this, we are significantly increasing the depth of added value and are switching from sourcing from outside to our own production facility. Up until now, the electric drive trains have come from external partners,” said Daimler Head of Development Markus Schäfer of Automobilwoche. These include ZF …

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