WhatsApp prepares two novelties for iPhone users

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Beta users of WhatsApp on iOs are already enjoying some news related to notifications, making them more complete in every way.

The messaging platform has featured two different functions:

– It will show profile pictures in notifications. For those who use version beta on iOS 15, or higher. In this way, when we receive messages from chats and groups, we will see the sender’s profile photo, right in the notification, without having to click.
– It will show information in notifications when someone mentions us or answer us in a group. For those who participate in the TestFlight beta program in version 22.1.71. This information in the notifications will only appear when someone mentions us or when they respond to a message that we have put in a group, it is not enabled for individual chats.

We will see these new functionalities in different updates, after the contact information page is redesigned, something they are also working on. The updated contact information page may also have a dedicated search shortcut. Unfortunately, it will only be for iOS, they have not said anything about this feature for android users yet.

Remember that at the end of the year we already announced that there would be a function for group administrators to link their groups to a community on iOS, so it seems that the WhatsApp iPhone department has put the batteries on these dates.

WhatsApp is still the most used messaging app in the West, but it will have to work hard to prevent alternatives like Telegram from following its heels. New features like one-way channels would help the media a lot, and more peace of mind about data privacy would be a great help to the general public.

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