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A 55-piece Workpro screwdriver set is available for HUF 5,300

With screwdrivers, we often have a lot of people at home, but we don’t always have exactly what we need. That’s why it’s good to have a normal set that includes everything important because then we have a place for everything, and we sure have the right size of tool.

A Workpro 55 pieces set it consists of six screwdrivers and there are eight more precision screwdrivers next to it. The latter are used to unscrew the small screws. Which is probably the best in this set to have one replaceable head handle also contains a bit into which to put a bit. Such they also give 40 pieces of bitheads, so we can screw in a lot of screws with it. The bits may even have an alternative use such that if there is our screwdriver, then we can stop them.

The tools made of chromium-vanadium alloy, which ensures adequate hardness and abrasion resistance. Rubber grips, comfortable to grip, and their heads are magneticso that the screws do not “run” all the way through. The complete set is one in a plastic tool bag it arrives in which everything has a dedicated place, so we always find what we just need.

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