Android Auto will be available wirelessly in the car thanks to this small device from Motorola

The latest edition of Las Vegas CES has delighted us with numerous technological advances and futuristic novelties such as the color-changing BMW car The Lightyear’s solar car. But firms like Motorola have also taken advantage of the event to present practical gadgets for day to day such as the one called Motorola MA1: a device that allows you to use Android Auto without cables almost in any car.

This ingenious device designed to optimize the user experience and streamline the use of Android Auto connects to a vehicle’s USB port and allows you to control the interface instantly. It will hit the market soon (at least in the US) and promises an affordable price.

How the Motorola MA1 device works

Android Auto has more and more followers and, now that disappears from mobiles that carry the operating system Android 12 (not of the above), devices like the Motorola MA1 they seem increasingly practical for the routine of its users.

Until now, to use Android Auto in cars compatible with this interface, the Smartphone had to be connected to the car through a cable. With this device, this operation will no longer be necessary, since it is the Motorola MA1 itself that connects directly to the car -via USB- and transfers the data to the mobile phone via connection Bluetooth 5.0 or via 5 GHz WiFi.

Thus, this small and light device, similar to that of a Chromecast, will allow you to instantly execute all the functions that Android Auto has, such as calculate a route through Google Maps, use applications such as Spotify to play music or ask Google Assistant, among others.

In its presentation at CES, Motorola announced that the MA1 will have an introductory price of $ 89.95 (79.38 euros at the exchange rate) in the US market and will be available as of January 30, 2022. At the moment the company has not released data on the arrival of this device in other countries.

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