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One new report of the consultant Deloitte -one of the so-called Big Four- about the expectations and plans of consumers in the automotive market draws a very clear picture.

People still prefer private to public transport, they are willing to buy electric cars as long as they are affordable and reliable and still prefer go to a dealer and make the purchase in person.

USA, the most ‘petrolhead’ country

The data, reflecting the purchase intention of 26,000 consumers in 25 countries around the world, shows that Germany, China and South Korea are the countries with the greatest interest in 100% electric cars.

Most of this segment interested in electric vehicles expects that they will reduce their expenses compared to a car powered by fossil fuels, and also direct emissions.


Source: Deloitte.

Nevertheless, the rise in the price of electricity is positioned as a major barrier when switching to an electrified vehicle, especially in China and India.

“Buyers expect their vehicles to be affordable,” explains Ryan Robinson, Deloitte’s head of automotive research. “74% of those who intend to buy an electric vehicle expect it to cost less than $ 50,000. With the average price of a new vehicle already approaching $ 40,000, it leaves little room for electrics.”

But there are still many barriers besides price. Among them is the so-called autonomy anxiety, which together with a poor infrastructure are positioned as the two main ‘buts’ in the United States and Germany.

For their part, Japanese consumers prefer conventional hybrids, while the US stands out as the most ‘petrolhead’ country, with the majority (almost 70%) opting for diesel or gasoline cars.


Source: Deloitte.

Regarding the preferred purchasing model, most of the countries analyzed go to the traditional one: in person. In Germany, for example, almost 80% of the buyers surveyed prefer to go to the dealer, in line with Asian consumers.

The truth is that the trend is increasingly aimed at the online shopping model, with vehicles such as the Volvo C40 Recharge, the models of Lynk & Co or the Chinese electric SUV Aiways U5, among many others.

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