Netatmo announces with smart safety sensor with Matter support

The Matter standard is likely to become the most important smart home trend this year. Netatmo has now also presented a product that will be compatible with the overarching standard.

The new security sensor from Netatmo is equipped with a touch sensor and an infrared motion detector and is intended to increase security and comfort at home. Attached to doors or windows, the sensor detects when they are opened. If the residents are absent, they can be informed of the break-in on their smartphones.

The sensor also enables motion detection via infrared. Thanks to Matter’s support, he can work with others Smart Home-Devices that are also compatible with the standard can be linked. For example, the lights or the heating can be switched on automatically when someone is in the room.


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So far there is no information about when and at what price the new security sensor from Netatmo will be launched.

Netatmo recently launched a carbon monoxide alarm that we tested for you: Netatmo Smarter Carbon monoxide alarm in the test.

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