Steps to reset a Xiaomi mobile and leave it as new

We know that the process of resetting and deleting data from our mobile is completely essential when it comes to selling the mobile and that this change of owner.

In any case, if you have a Xiaomi mobile and you plan to give it permanent form to any person or family member, you know that you must delete all your information from said smartphone. This process is not difficult at all, and that is why today we will show you how to do it.

Now, so that you are very clear about what will happen when you carry out this deletion, everything that is accounts open within applications, the same applications, personal files, contacts, photos, videos and your general information (that is not typical of the phone ), it will be discarded permanently.

For this reason it is of vital importance that you make all the backup copies that are necessary, so that you can open them on the new mobile that you will use. That said, the steps to reset a Xiaomi phone have been as usual on any mobile, which is done from the configuration settings, so pay attention so that you learn how to do it correctly.

– Enter the Settings of the mobile.
– Look for the tab that says Over the phone and enter.
– Once there, click on the label Delete all data.
– At this point, you must enter your mobile password, as a guarantee that it is the owner of the phone who will carry out the deletion of all data.
– Click on Accept.
– Finally, press on Factory reset.

And voila, when you have completed all the steps that we have just shown you, your mobile will begin to format to look as if it had just left the factory. And then when the next owner gets their hands on it, he can start to configure it the way he likes best and accommodate your tastes.

As a last important reminder, it remains to mention that one of the most important previous points is to make backup copies of those important applications, mainly WhatsApp, your gallery or contacts for example, so keep this recommendation in mind.

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