The Tesla Model 3, a computer on wheels to mine cryptocurrencies

One of the most common problems when mining cryptocurrencies is to get an affordable source of energy. Siraj Raval, a computer scientist from Houston, Texas, doesn’t have that problem mining his cryptocurrencies using his Tesla Model 3, he assures. At the best of times, it generated the equivalent of $ 800 a month.

Siraj Raval has tried almost every way to mine cryptocurrencies since his Tesla Model 3 2018. You have used free bitcoin mining software on your Mac mini M1 laptop and powered your computer by connecting an inverter to the 12-volt outlet in your car’s center console.

He’s also plugged interconnected GPUs or graphics processing units into the front trunk of his Tesla, running these machines off the car’s internal battery.

When the price of Ethereum – the second most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin – peaked in 2021, says who earned up to $ 800 a month.

However, of all the techniques that Raval has tried, he claims that the most profitable involves a mix of hacking into Tesla’s internal computer, as well as connecting the GPUs directly to the car’s electric motor.

Between 400 and 800 dollars a month

Model 3 Interior

“It’s a computer on wheels … It is very simple to hack this car, “explained Raval, who describes the process as getting hold of the car’s internal firmware to allow for the use of additional power. Although you have to pay to charge your vehicle, Raval says that the battery itself is” unbeatable, “for what he does not fear for his long-term integrity.

Raval says it costs him between $ 10 and $ 15 to recharge the car. If you drive a few hours a day, you need a charge every week and a half, which is a monthly bill of between $ 30 and $ 60.

Tesal Model 3 Dashboard

Raval estimates that he draws about 20 hours a day from his Tesla’s battery. Although some may consider that it is not a profitable operation, especially if it is intended to mine Bitcoins, Raval maintains that this generates the equivalent between 400 and 800 dollars per month..

It remains to be seen if it is still profitable in the long term (greater difficulty, greater energy required, etc.) or if the laws of the different states will continue to allow cryptocurrencies that are beyond their control to be created and generated, such as India that wants to ban them and thus favor your digital currency.

Finally, we cannot ignore that, without questioning the knowledge in computer science and Machine Learning of Siraj RawalIt just doesn’t tell the whole story. The young businessman does not have a good reputation and has accused of fraud, although it has not been possible to prove that this is the case.

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