This is the new technology of telescopic macro lens for mobiles

Although Tecno is not a well-known smartphone company, it does have interesting things to offer to this segment of consumer electronics. In this regard, the company of Chinese origin has finally presented its new technology of telescopic macro lens for smart mobile phones.

It was at the end of last year when the company offered a preview of it, and hopes to be able to integrate it into a new concept of a smart mobile phone under the Android system that it plans to launch throughout this quarter of the year.

It is a technology that allows users from taking photographic captures with a wide field of view to being able to get closer to objects using its optical zoom, using a system of extensible lenses through a motorized system, physically protruding from the chassis of the device, which prevents users from having to move from the original place.

But not only that, the telescopic macro lens with its fivex optical zoom maintains image quality at all times, where the company compares the quality obtained with its new system with that usually offered by the main camera.

While it will be interesting to observe its performance in practice, the company has not yet publicly shared the technical specifications of its new technology or sample images to support the arguments with which it has sold this new system.

For it, we will have to wait for the moment in which it presents its conceptual mobile phone to learn more about the ins and outs of its new system.

And while you keep working on it, Tecno It is also working on the launch of what will be, if no one anticipates before, the first smart mobile phone under Android system that has an image stabilization system based on the change of sensor.

It is a technology that instead of moving the lens, makes the sensor itself move to achieve stable images and videos in the face of movements received by the device. Currently, Sensor Shift Image Stabilization is available on the iPhone 12 Max and the new series of mobile phones iPhone 13.

Via / Image Credit: GSMArena

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