Toyota will use its UK factory to recondition its second-hand cars

The second hand cars They are a market that until recently, manufacturers hardly touched, beyond selling the cars whose leasing or renting ended. Toyota you will go one step further by using your fEnglish actor to recondition cars before putting them up for sale.

Cars have a useful life that goes beyond the average four years that a leasing or renting lasts. This new branch of activity of the Japanese group will allow to add value to vehicles throughout their life cycle.

Agustin Martin, President and CEO of Toyota GB, explained to Autocar the first details of a new process that Toyota will implement as part of its new fleet-focused mobility sub-brand, Kinto. “We have to expand the way of looking at the useful life of the car” and how this can benefit the customer.

To retain a clientele for “at least up to 10 years” of business life, Toyota will bring cars back to the factory after their first cycle of use, at the end of a lease, for example, and renew them “upon best level “for ensure the second user has a vehicle that is as new as possible.

The same process could be carried out, Martin suggested, before the third cycle of use, after which Toyota will focus its efforts on recycling cars as efficiently as possible. The concept is similar to that of refurbished smartphones, tablets and computers.

Toyota and other manufacturers want to be major players in the second-hand market

Toyota range

In recent times, manufacturers have decided to enter the second-hand car market. Sales are higher than those of new cars, in Spain practically two second-hand cars are sold for a new oneWhile in other countries, such as France or Germany, we talk about three second-hand cars for a new one.

One of the first, somewhat timid forays into the second-hand sector was that of the Volkswagen group with its used car sales network, Das Welt. However, currently, the champion of the sale of reconditioned used cars (and also via the internet) is the French group Aramis Auto.

Ownership at the height of 60% of the group Stellantis, this company founded in 2001, has subsidiaries in Belgium, the United Kingdom and Spain. In our country he bought the startup click (which was basically a replica of the Aramis Auto business model).

Toyota Manufacturing

Toyota, using its UK factory, where the Corolla is currently manufactured, will enter a booming segment, despite the decline in the VO market in some markets due to a lack of supply.

Above all, it will enter betting on its own brand. The idea is that a car reconditioned by a generalist company, such as an Aramis, will not be the same as a second-hand Toyota reconditioned in a Toyota factory.

No further details of how the process will be known. In principle, it will be an operation that will be limited to the United Kingdom, but it is not ruled out that it can be extended to other markets. On the other hand, let us remember that Toyota also has a factory in Valenciennes, France, which in the future could provide the same service to the continent.

Toyota’s proposal differs, however, from the Renault ReFactory. The principle in both cases is the same: give a second, third or fourth life to a car. In the case of Toyota – and Aramis Auto – we are talking about a reconditioning.

That is to say, a comprehensive review with the replacement of the necessary elements and a cosmetic renovation to give it a second life. In the event that the necessary repairs exceed a certain cost, the car is simply recycled.

In the case of the ReFactory, Renault goes one step further and will also update the vehicles so that they can run on clean energy, including the retrofit and the conversion of some cars to electric cars or hydrogen vans. Only electric cars would be reconditioned, with a new battery, for example.

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