Used car sales in 2021 fall back to 2017 levels, with diesel as the undisputed king

2021 has been another difficult year for the automotive industry: the lack of stock has affected not only new cars, but also to used vehicles and in a scenario of rising prices.

Even so, 2021 has closed with 9% more from used vehicle sales compared to 2020, touching two million units.

“We are not very optimistic for the year that starts”


According to data from the National Association of Vehicle Dealers (Ancove), in In 2021, 1,989,662 second-hand passenger cars were sold in Spain.

Although it is 9% more than in 2020, it is at the levels of 2017, with 100,000 units less than in 2019 and 2018.

Diesel vehicles have been the ones that have had the most weight: they were sold last year 1,180,005 diesel passenger cars, 59.3% of the total until reaching 1,180,005 units.

For its part, the demand for hybrid and electric units continues to grow, subtracting share from both diesel – albeit slowly – and gasoline.

In fact, gasoline-powered plug-in hybrids have been described as “the big market reveal” second-hand, since its sales have increased by 280%. They are even above the sales of pure electric cars, which totaled 10,285 cars last year, 92% more than in 2020.

Still, gasoline hybrids continue to dominate, with more than 35,000 sales.

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The Community of Madrid has been where second-hand passenger cars have grown the most this year (19.4%), with the Balearic Islands behind. Catalonia remains behind, as second-hand car sales rose only 3.2%.

For next year, Ancove estimates that second-hand passenger car sales will barely exceed two million units, just over 1% compared to the end of 2021.

Industry forecasts suggest that even this year the microchip crisis will continue to rage, extending even into 2023.

This will continue to choke stock at dealerships, leading to more delays in the delivery of new vehicles -which will also come with less technological equipment- and keeping prices up.

The long-term solution? That giants such as Intel, TSMC or Samsung open their new microchip factories to promote the manufacture of these components. Something that will not happen until 2024, at the very least.

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