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Waterproof speaker for shower Order China

A Tronsmart Splash 1 Your gadget embodies everything we initially thought of Bluetooth speakers, just in a modern robe, so it doesn’t sound bad and has up-to-date solutions in it, like the TWS function, which can be used to connect two Splash 1s.

The widget is just 112x112x54 millimeters, and due to the shape of the duck stone, it easily fits in a smaller bag. Its weight is not dangerous either, It weighs 290 grams. It’s conceivable that this won’t sound like a boombox, but it wasn’t even invented, we can safely take this on our backpacking trips, it won’t be a lot of extra burden. However, a 2200 mAh battery was included up to 24 hours of music listeningwhich is a very impressive piece of data to reload Type-C porton we know through. Bluetooth 5.0-val we can connect to it wirelessly, but it’s on it jack input so you can use it wired.

One of the most important features of that IPX7 certified has so it is waterproof, which is why we can take it to the bathroom with us and bellow it to our liking, it will not be affected by water and steam. A device like Splash 1 that is not to be feared is not a male egg because it is cheap and just invented to carry.

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