A must-have reinvention? Shell begins to convert its gas stations into charging centers for electric cars

Recently an EEEU city with a curious name became known for being the first to prohibit the construction of new gas stations in the country. Although the beginning of the end of combustion engines is approaching with leaden feet, we are seeing changes that a decade ago were unthinkable.

Like the oil giant Shell has started turning its gas stations into ‘electric vehicle hubs’ with charging stations, starting with London.

100% renewable energy to meet objectives

Shell 2

As explained by the oil company, will open early this year its first charging station for electric cars where there used to be a petrol station in central London. Specifically in Fulham, this center will have 10 super fast charging points of 175 kW.

To liven up the wait for users while their vehicles are plugged into the network, there will be a seating area and a store with drinks and food.

The energy will come from the electricity of the solar panels integrated in the roof, and ensures that it will be 100% renewable. And it is better for him, because in 2021 Shell became the first company to reduce its emissions for contributing to climate change.

The Hague court ruled in May that it must reduce its CO₂ emissions by 45% by the end of 2030 compared to 2019 levels.

The truth is that restoration is a business that oil companies look at with better eyes each time. The volatile oil market and increasingly tough legislation on fossil fuels are pushing the oil and gas giants to reinvent themselves as their production declines.

Shell 4

This is the case of the fifth largest international oil company in the world, BP: in 2019 alone it sold 150 million cups of coffee, a profitable product that does not lose followers and that could be a great support for the company.

Renewable electricity, the war to see who deploys the most charging points for electric cars and investing in biofuels are some of the formulas for survival.

Others, like the Australian oil company BHP, are looking for raw materials to make batteries with Tesla.

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