A special edition of Buds Pro has also arrived with the OnePlus 10 Pro

The hardware and features have not changed, but the OnePlus Active Noise Canceling TWS headphones have received a special color variation.


OnePlus officially unveiled today the new top model, and in addition to the OnePlus 10 Pro in a new color variation, the Buds Pro is a true wireless headset. The capabilities and design of the tool with which it is basically we were satisfied, did not change, only varied with the hue, which is very good for the product based on the pictures.


New look for OnePlus Buds Pro Special Edition a Mithril it was given a name that may obviously be familiar to fans of the Lord of the Rings. Mithril is a silver-like, shiny, harder-than-diamond, lightweight, and very rare fictional metal. In terms of marketing and aesthetics, this may seem like a good choice, but the question arises as to how the shiny, metallic silver surface will withstand the tactile gesture control.

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