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Surely many of you have already had an online meeting with people you do not know, something that can be very unproductive, since the data of each one helps us to know what we can expect from the meeting, or what opportunities may appear.

If we have a potential future client in the meeting, or a person about whom we cannot discuss a certain matter … that can only be said by the information collected before the meeting, data that many times we do not have time to prepare.

Amy is a Chrome extension that does that job for us. Tracks data online to show information about the contacts in our calendar, so that at a glance we know everything relevant about each of the people with whom we will meet.

The plugin is powered by Artificial Intelligence, and its functions are:

– It tells all the information that we should know about all the people with whom we interact.
– Provide actionable information to increase relationship with connections.
– Personalize each business interaction, based on personalized meeting summaries.
– Save time in meeting preparation.

It has a free option, and the price appears when the number of meetings is higher than allowed.

A plugin that only shows public data, by the way, so privacy is limited to what each user has decided to hide from the Internet.


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