Chinese automaker Aiways: Changes in top management

Chen Xuanlin (William Chen), longtime shareholder of Aiways, has been appointed as new chairman. Since the company was founded in 2017, Chen has strategically and financially supported the national and international growth of Aiways.

In addition to Chen, Zhang Yang (Charlie Zhang), a former vice president of Nio, has also been appointed to the board of directors of Aiways.

Alexander Klose was confirmed as Vice President of Overseas based in Shanghai and Munich. Klose will lead the brand’s growth strategy he initiated in Europe and other global markets. Samuel Fu, the founder of Aiways, will continue to serve as President from Shanghai.

The changes at the top management as well as the new investments are intended to accelerate the global business development of Aiways. The focus is on further new markets, new products and sustainable mobility, the improvement of the customer experience and the further development of the brand’s digital competence. Aiways was the first electric vehicle start-up from China to start selling its vehicles in Europe. The start-up founded in 2017 is continuously expanding its European presence at its European headquarters in Munich.

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