Days Gone sequel could have been amazing

Former game director Days Gone explains what the sequel would have looked like, if Sony and PlayStation had believed in the license.

In zombie video games, very few have managed to score us. Days Gone is part of this very selective list as its open world was inspiring and its storytelling impactful. But since its release in 2019, players have been asking for more. It seems that the first adventure left them unsatisfied. However, a sequel is still not planned, and for good reason, Sony would have serious doubts about the popularity (and durability) of the franchise.

Recently the director of Days Gone, Jeff Ross, returned to this opus which marked many players. He thus declared that ” studio management always made us feel it was a big disappointment “. And yet, the game has managed to sell over 8 million copies on consoles, which is as many as Ghost of Tsushima, which got him a Director’s Cut version.

Has Sony refused to produce a possible blockbuster?

The former developer from Sony, in an interview, clarified his vision of things, and what could have brought a sequel to the adventures of Deacon St. John. He explains :

« We would have kept the story heavy and strong. We would have kept the bike, of course. And I think we would have broadened the tone a bit in a more technical direction,[…] more outward, a new reality. I think it would have been a bit more – I don’t mean Avengers, but something where the player had new resources, a little bit of what the government had.

I would have added more systems. If they are simple, they can be elegant and very rich. I knew that by adding an extra layer or two to the systemic elements of the game, we could have navigated ourselves there, which would have resulted in great richness for players and a plethora of unique open-world moments and reactions that we had never seen it before. »

A start that ended too quickly

The developer is therefore particularly disappointed not to be able to materialize all these ideas, which would surely have taken off Days Gone a new time. As he explains, “ first you create the minimum viable entry and then you hope you can build the second. Because you don’t argue over the foundations, you argue over the epic new ideas that you are going to put into it “. This first part was therefore conceived as the foundations, a preamble, for an epic story that can (perhaps) never be told.

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