Google agrees to forgo Apple’s iMessage, but not RCS protocol

The web giant is ready to make sacrifices in the current battle between it and Apple over iMessage. On the other hand, it intends to make its opinion heard on the RCS protocol.

Between Google (Android) and Apple (iOS), relations are not in good shape. This week, the web giant accused the Apple of promote harassment via its iMessage platform. As a reminder, in addition to not being accessible on Android, the SMS chat application has also made a habit of using different colors for messages, depending on the device from which they were sent. While iOS users are shown in blue, those using an Android smartphone are in green. A distinction which, according to a survey conducted by the Wall Street Journal, would sometimes have serious consequences for American adolescents.

For Google Android chief Hiroshi Lockheimer, the distinction made by Apple appears to be a deliberate attempt to“Use social pressure and intimidation to sell your products”. However, and despite his differences with the Apple, Google has every interest in making peace. In a tweet recently shared by the official Android account, we can read: “IMessage shouldn’t promote harassment. SMS should bring us closer together, and solutions exist. Let’s deal with it as one industry. Means exist today to solve this problem ”. From “means” mentioned, the company is betting very heavily on the RCS protocol.

The RCS to reconcile them all?

Behind the acronym RCS, we find the concept of Rich Communication Services. Supported for months by Google, who sees the future of our good old SMS, this protocol could definitely bury text messages, already abandoned since the arrival of instant chat platforms like Messenger and WhatsApp. Developed by the GSMA consortium, the RCS will notably make it possible to participate in video calls, group discussions, but also to share files and geolocation information, to display the availability of an interlocutor, to send audio messages. and automatically receive acknowledgments of receipt and reading. These are all services that web platforms already offer.

In addition to offering more functionality, the RCS protocol can also – above all – be used by any mobile manufacturer, on any network. What to solve the problem between Apple and Google. It is also on this subject that Google reiterated its request to its competitor: for the web giant, it is no question of integrating iMessage into Android, but rather of convincing Apple to finally adopt its protocol. For its part, the Apple always seems determined to turn a deaf ear.

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