How to have better protection on Android with the new Firefox Focus

The Mozilla Foundation has just announced the arrival of the “total cookie protection” function to Firefox Focus for Android after being present in the rest of the Firefox versions for almost a year, thus fulfilling what was promised at the time .

It is a privacy protection mechanism, which tries to minimize the tracking of user activity data when they visit different websites, forming part of a broader set of privacy functions that Mozilla calls Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP).

The idea is something similar to the containers that the Mozilla Foundation itself already offers through add-ons for the browser Firefox on the desktop.

In this sense, what it does is that each website that is going to be visited has at its disposal its own “container” where to save the cookies it generates, preventing sharing them with the rest of the websites that are also visited, and therefore, that companies can collect more information from users to generate segmented profiles for their advertising use.

Mozilla notes that:

Firefox Focus on Android will be the first Firefox mobile browser to have Total Cookie Protection. This will help mitigate cross-site tracking where companies collect information about you, such as the sites you visit every day or the products you are searching for.

Regarding their operation, they clearly state that:

Every time a website, or third-party content embedded in a website, places a cookie on your browser, Firefox Focus confines that cookie to the cookie container assigned to that website. In this way, no other website can access cookie containers that do not belong to them and find out what other websites’ cookies know about you.

With this, users will prevent the same advertising from following you on the web visits that you make within your web browsing session.

But this operation can lead to problems at certain times, so in this regard:

In December, we also added SmartBlock and other fixes that help keep websites running smoothly. These features fix the flaws in the websites, while those sites investigate the appropriate solutions. SmartBlock helps troubleshoot Total Cookie Protection and other privacy-friendly measures.

SmartBlock is also capable of offering more stringent protection capabilities by offering replacements for the most common trackers that have been blocked. Those who want greater protection of privacy on the web, Firefox Focus en Android It is an option that they may consider, among many others.

More information: Mozilla

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