IKEA formalizes the v2 of its connected speakers Symfonisk

With a slightly revised design, and several improvements under the hood, the Symfonisk Gen 2 further consolidates IKEA in the sector of connected objects for the home.

Remember a few years ago, IKEA and Sonos inaugurated a surprising, but ultimately very profitable partnership, notably marked by Symfonisk connected speakers. Intelligent and especially designed to blend in with the furniture of the Swedish manufacturer, these musical shelves had quickly managed to find their audience, without experiencing any real evolution… until today.

Ikea Sonos Symphonic Gen 2 vertical

In 2022, IKEA and Sonos have obviously decided to breathe new life into Symfonisk. On the brand’s Dutch site, we discover a new version of the brand’s connected speakers. No big change in terms of design: apart from a new vertical support sold separately at a price of 25 €, the brand has also brought together the power and Ethernet sockets on the back, and slightly changed the layout of the buttons on the front.

Ikea Sonos Symphony Gen 2 posée

The biggest changes have taken place on a technical level. Of particular note is the compatibility with 802.11n Wi-Fi for routers wired to 5 GHz, the reduction in power consumption in standby mode (2.15W instead of just over 5W for the first generation), and above all, the possibility ofpair two Bluetooth speakers for a stereo configuration. Functionality that will be accessible even with a device dating from the first generation, ensures the brand. The price for its part, remains the same as the model released in 2019, with a price displayed at € 99.99. Another very practical novelty, we are also waiting for the arrival of a new wall mount for the Symfonisk range, which will now integrate a Qi induction wireless charging area on its tray. Leaked last summer, the product has still not been formalized.

To offer you one of the connected speakers Symfonisk as well as all of its accessories, go to IKEA official website, or directly in stores.

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