It will be able to build 2,000 Model Y bodies, but it does not have the final permit yet

After a bureaucratic nightmare, there seems to be hope for the Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin. The manufacturer has received special approval from the Brandenburg State Department of the Environment to manufacture 2,000 bodies of Model Y before the expected final approval.

In the meantime, he has signed a deal to get nickel concentrated in a new mine to be opened in Minnesota, in the western United States.

Unsatisfactory first manufacturing tests

Model Y

Although the pressure from environmental groups and citizens due to the impact of this factory has been complicating the start-up of Tesla’s European Gigafactory, the company seems not yet ready to start production.

In a message from Tesla to German authorities picked up by Electrek, it is explained that the preliminary test that he was allowed to do with 250 bodies has not been satisfactory:

Parts and / or bodies manufactured or assembled as part of system testing are of poor quality that deviates significantly from system specifications. “

Now, waiting for a decision to be made after the public consultation process is expanded, Tesla will be able to continue manufacturing bodies of the electric SUV – 2,000 to be exact – with its new production process of the Model Y.

After manufacturing by die casting process the entire rear of the Model Y in one pieceTesla now also manufactures the entire front end in one piece.

That is, the structure or chassis of the Tesla Model Y is made up of three pieces, when until now, only the rear needed about 70 pieces cast, welded and glued to take shape.

In search of the coveted nickel

Talon Metals

Photo: Talon Metals.

The metal company Talon Metals has announced an agreement with Tesla for the supply and purchase of nickel concentrate to be produced in Aitkin County, Minnesota, beginning in 2026.

According to the terms established in the agreement, Tesla has pledged to buy 75,000 metric tons of concentrated nickel, with the possibility of expanding this amount.

Currently, according to prices on the London Metal Exchange, Tesla will pay close to $ 20,900 per tonne of nickel, a material that since 2016 has experienced significant price rises and falls.

The trend is that it continues to become more expensive, like the rest of the raw materials necessary for the manufacture of batteries. However, maintaining the supply chain in the US will mean less outlay for the manufacturer.

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