Microsoft makes it easy to access emails in Outlook from your mobile

If you are one of those who forget passwords, it will help you to have the new dynamics that Microsoft is implementing for Outlook.

So that you don’t have to type your password over and over again when you want to access Outlook from your mobile, you can use this new option.

New option to log into Microsoft Outlook from mobile

Microsoft is facilitating a new dynamic for users to log into Outlook from iOS or Android. And no, you will not have to install any extra applications. The only detail to keep in mind is that you need to have the web version of Outlook open to implement this option.

With your account Outlook Open in the web browser, look for the “QR connection” option that you will find in the top bar. Once you do this, Microsoft will ask you to open the Outlook app on your mobile and scan the QR code.

On your mobile, click on “Add account” and select the QR icon to enable the option to “scan the code” that you see in the web version. And once you finish with all the steps you will have already logged into Outlook. It is the same dynamic that you use when you want to log into WhatsApp web, but in reverse.

So if you want to go from the web version of Outlook to the mobile application, you can use the QR code to make the login easier. And of course, it is added as one of the options offered by Microsoft to log in with alternative methods and without depending on passwords.

This new option seems to be rolling out to all users with free Outlook on the web accounts, so you may already have it available.

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