Signal CEO is now the co-founder of WhatsApp

Signal is one of the best-known alternatives to WhatsApp around the world, mainly among those who value privacy above all else.

It is a solution that values ​​the confidentiality of messages, widely used by journalists and activists, and now has a change of CEO.

Moxie Marlinspike was the creator of Signal, and the CEO until now. He has decided to resign from the position, and who will replace him is Brian Acton, co-founder of WhatsApp, a change that will take place during 2022.

After making the decision to leave the position, Moxie searched for the right candidate. He will be concentrating on the search for the new CEO for a few weeks, concluding that Brian Acton, who is also on Signal’s board of directors, was the right person to act as interim CEO during the search period. Brian has volunteered to act as interim boss, and his mission now will be to facilitate the work until they find the final CEO (although it would not be the first time that an interim has ended up permanently filling the position).

Brian Acton got off WhatsApp when Facebook commented that it would put ads in the app (something it never did). Since then, Brian has always criticized the management of Meta (Facebook), and does not share the idea of ​​WhatsApp that has been built, which is why he decided to go to Signal.

In 2019, in fact, he asked users to remove the Facebook app from their mobiles, so the only relationship he has with Mark’s company is having created WhatsApp in his heyday.

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