Tesla has unveiled the new Model S 2022 with CCS charging port

It may seem strange to many but Tesla today unveiled the new Model S 2022. It is the Model S 2021 which is already updated with small but essential changes – such as a new charging standard. Let’s go immediately to discover the news.

Unveiled in early 2021, the most recent Model S brought new interiors and new technologies (the new Tesla Model S as powerful as PS5), think of the horizontally mounted 17 “front screen, the second rear screen, the AMD Ryzen chip and much more. Now that advanced Model S, production of which began roughly six months ago, has already been updated: The Model S 2022 introduces itself to the public with new headlights, a slightly modified rear and a larger charging port.

The charging port is the biggest news of this 2022, since Tesla has aligned the American standard to the European and Asian one. Now the Model S offers a CCS Combo port, the same we have on electric cars that we find in Italy and that support fast DC charging. Tesla also presented the new Model X 2022, although the only difference is the CCS port. We can imagine that these two vehicles will be exported all over the world, including Europe, as the problem of the charging standard has now been solved.

We also recall that recently Tesla brought Plaid Track Mode to Model S Plaid.

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