the electric car brand will arrive in Europe this year and will start in Germany

Lucid has confirmed on twitter what Roberto Russo -country manager of the company in Germany-, dropped just a few months ago: the landing of Lucid Motors in Europe will take place this same year, and it will be big.

The starting gun for the offensive of the Lucid Air in the Old Continent it will be precisely in Germany and it will gradually expand to other European countries and other markets such as Great Britain. The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway or Belgium will be the next destinations for the brand. The south of the continent and the Mediterranean countries will come later.

Not only is Tesla in his sights


Peter Rawlinson himself, CEO of the Silicon Valley firm (California, USA), already said it when he presented his flagship: “Lucid Motors aims to improve the electric car and, in doing so, help the entire industry move towards accelerated adoption of sustainable mobility “, and credentials are not lacking.

The Lucid Air, which has finally begun to be delivered in its special release version Dream Edition, is the only electric car on the market that certifies more than 800 km of autonomy, followed by other premium electric cars such as the Mercedes-Benz EQS or the Tesla Model S Long Range.

In addition, the firm recently announced that its electric saloon will be “the electric car capable of charging its battery faster.” The first tests have verified that the Lucid Air is capable of supporting more than 300 kW of charging power, and that it hardly needs 22 minutes to recover 482 km autonomy.


Due to its attributes and benefits, the luxurious electric saloon with up to 1,080 hp of power promises to be a real headache not only for Tesla, but for other manufacturers: at least, that is its ambitious goal. In Rawlinson’s words: “We seek to benefit all of humanity with sustainable and emission-free transport, and also attract new customers to the world of electric vehicles.”

Although we must not forget that the access model to the Air range, with 487 hp and 653 km of autonomy, will start at a price of $ 69,900 (or 61609 to change). We will have to wait to see more models of the brand. For now, the birth of the Lucid Gravity, the second Lucid model that will be a direct rival SUV of the Tesla Model X.

Following Lucid Motors’ European offensive, the brand will launch to conquer China from 2023. For the time being, both its home market and Western Europe will have priority in the brand’s expansion strategy.

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