the electric pick-up that threatens Ford’s leadership in the US

Chevrolet has stomped on the carpet in CES 2022. A stellar appearance CEO Mary Barra, brand tie golden joins a powerful ad: the Silverado pick-up will have an electric variant in 2023.

Named Silverado EV, it will expand General Motors’ offering in this newly created segment along with GMC Hummer EV. But It is not free of competitors. In front you will have the F-150 Lightning Ford, which leads the market. And in the shadows waiting also Rivian R1T, which hastens the deadlines to go on sale this year.

Therefore, it seems clear that the arrival of electricity trucks open a new chapter in the fight that GM and Ford fought since the fifties. For now, the Silverado EV It sold out the reservations of its special launch edition at twelve minutes to advertise. A good start.

For work and play

Chevrolet Silverado EV

Chest the importance of this segment In the US market – which covers more than 20% of its fleet – Chevrolet has wanted to put all the meat on the grill.

Like the Hummer, the Silverado EV employs the Ultium platform, developed exclusively for electric models and that has a motor for each axis. Depending on the version, these thrusters can offer a joint power between 517 and 673 hp and they provide an all-wheel drive that helps to overcome difficult terrain.

Between the two independent axes, the base of the chassis houses the 24 battery modules. Chevrolet declares a autonomy about 650 km, being possible to recover up to a quarter of the energy with a quick recharge of only ten minutes. Also, like its Ford rival, it will be able to transfer that electricity to the home or to other vehicles.

In addition to being sustainable, a pick-up must be practical, and that means space to store everything. The back box has a length of 1.55 meters, which can be expanded up to 3 meters folding down the gate charging and backrests of second row of seats. As added to the well as many other electrical, also presents a generous front trunk with electric opening.

The first Chevrolet equipped with Linux

Chevrolet Silverado EV

Hard work is one of the purposes of the Silverado, and this EV variant will be no exception. But it will come equally loaded with technology, starting with the new Ultifi operating system.

Based on Linux, it establishes a separation between the hardware and the software of the vehicle, allowing the latter to receive frequent updates. Through this function, the brand will eventually offer new functionalities and cloud connected services.

Many of them can be enjoyed through dashboard displays. The central reaches up to 17 inches and houses the multimedia system, the navigation functions and connectivity and applications. To its left, another 11-inch contains all the information necessary for the driver such as speed or energy consumption.

Chevrolet Silverado EV

Finally, the complete RST trim will feature as standard with several driving aids already seen on the Hummer EV. The first will be the Super Cruise power steering system, which will allow a Level 3 of autonomy on most North American interstate highways. It also inherits its self-steering rear wheel system, which helps in maneuvering and provides greater stability on the road.

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