The scaled-down version of Portl’s holographic device

We already talked about Portl a little over a year ago for their holographic device with which they hope to take video calling to a higher level. At the time we commented that the company has a large holographic device, although since it is a size that many will not be able to afford, and more at the price at which it sells, since it has focused it on companies and large stores, the company It has been working on a smaller version focused mostly on individual consumers.

Well, during the past CES 2022, the company has displayed this new version, which is currently under development, noting that Its pre-production models will be shown to the attendees of the next SXSW (South by Southwest) in March, in addition to opening the reservation to those interested, who can already deposit $ 100 in reserve to have their own units in the future, the final price at which they will launch it on the market is currently unknown.

Known for the moment as «M», this reduced version will house a series of LEDs that will allow projection in 3D on a transparent surface from the participant to the other side, also carrying a transparent touch front panel, which will allow you to interact with the device without the need for buttons.

In the upper part of the device it will have a webcam with Artificial Intelligence functions, and also a lower support that will allow the device to have the foot wherever it is located, either horizontally or vertically.

The device will also have 16GB of RAM for the system, and 1 TB of internal storage, which will allow users to save the interventions made.

It will also have compatibility for those who want to make a video call to a user who has their M unit directly from their respective mobiles, where the only difference is that they will see the participant in 2D on the screen.

To do this, the complementary mobile application must be installed.

And in addition to video calls, the new device Portl It will also be used for areas such as tele-medicine, sports training, or for the exhibition of digital art, among other possibilities. Without a doubt, it will be interesting to know the evolution of this device that, as we say, Yes it is aimed at final consumers, so we hope that its price can accompany.

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