Volvo Ride Pilot, the Swedish autonomous driving that challenges Tesla is coming

When it comes to Autonomous City Driving, Tesla appears to be an undisputed leader, it will be the first company that will make it accessible to a wide public as soon as work on the current Beta is finished. However, other companies are also in pursuit of the Californian manufacturer, we think of Volvo above all.

The Swedish company has announced that it is working on a project called Ride Pilot, an Autonomous Driving feature that will allow new generation cars to drive completely autonomously on the motorway, without the need for the driver to pay attention to the road. A technology that on paper seems even more advanced than Tesla’s Autonomous Driving, which in reality will be nothing more than one Very advanced Level 2 Autonomous Driving, with the driver who must always pay attention to the road.

Volvo therefore wants to try to surpass Elon Musk and associates with a technology currently still under development, which will most likely debut aboard a Next generation electric SUV, the successor to the famous XC90 (which will be inspired by the Volvo Concept Recharge). As of today, the company is carrying out tests in Sweden, but the technology will debut in California as a subscription service; should the service take hold, it would then be taken to the rest of the world.

Compared to Tesla technology, which only works via 8 cameras, that Volvo relies on a LiDAR sensor, 5 radars, 8 cameras and 6 ultrasonic sensors, with Volvo being able to constantly improve the service with OTA updates (read more: how many software updates Tesla releases?). We do not know exactly when this technology will debut, certainly the new Volvo SUV should be presented in 2023.

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