We are getting closer to the level before the crisis: MAN will significantly increase sales in 2021

The one belonging to the VW group Commercial vehicle manufacturer MAN sold 14 percent more trucks and 26 percent more vans last year than in the crisis year 2020. Head of Sales Gran Nyberg said: “We are gradually approaching the level before the crisis.” The supply bottlenecks for semiconductors would have curbed stronger growth.

MAN sold around 67,000 trucks last year, most of which are built in Munich and Krakow. That is 19 percent less than before the pandemic. The sale of vans rose by a quarter to over 22,000 vehicles and was even 50 percent above the level of the pre-crisis year 2019.

Weak bus business

Only with the bus business did the downward trend as expected: “MAN and Neoplan brand coaches, which are built at the MAN plant in Ankara, were just as much less in demand, as were the city buses mainly manufactured at the Starachowice site.” With 5000 buses sold, sales were 13 percent below the previous year and 37 percent below 2019. (dpa-AFX / gem)

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