WhatsApp will allow listening to voice messages in the background

WhatsApp, the popular messaging service, owned by Meta, parent company of the social network Facebook, continues to prepare other novelties with the aim of improving the user experience, to be in a better position to compete against its most direct rivals, such as Telegram, which does not stop bringing news every month.

In this regard, they are now developing an improvement that will be liked by all those who receive voice messages. Note that the feature of voice messages has been improved over the past year with a series of new features that have managed to reach end users.

Among them is the possibility of selecting different playback speeds, the preview before shipment to individual contacts or groups, or even the visibility of audio waveforms in conversations.

Adding news to be more competitive

These improvements will be joined in the future, hopefully near, the ability to listen to received voice messages in the background while browsing other threads of conversations in the WhatsApp application.

For this, this novelty is being designed so that the voice message will appear in a floating playback window, which will also make it possible to pause and continue the message, or even to close it permanently.

According to the well-known publication WABetaInfo, this novelty is still in the development phase, to the point that users of beta versions cannot use it at this time.

It will be a matter of the development progress, to initially show its operation to users of beta versions of WhatsApp, to finally reach all users.

There is no doubt that there are many functions that have been developing for a long time, and that throughout this year they will materialize, how could it be otherwise, to avoid being left behind in the face of the push that some of its more competitive competitors are experiencing. direct.

With more than two billion active users, WhatsApp it still maintains its reign in the segment of messaging applications, although this is no reason to rest on your laurels to be stepped on by the competition.

And more when It is already a year since the agitation of users against the new terms and conditions that the platform wanted to implement in bad ways, threatening to close the accounts of those who do not accept them, which has motivated an important sector to go to the competition, at least as insurance against a possible closure of their accounts on WhatsApp.

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