at this price, the Orange internet box is crazy (-45%) 🔥

Orange unveils a flash sale on its excellent internet box. With its Fiber Livebox, you can get very high speed for only 22.99 euros per month. It is 45% reduction compared to the classic price.

If you are looking above all for quality for your mobile or your Internet connection, Orange is a sure bet in France. The quality of its network is second to none and you can be sure to get great customer support. At the moment, the internet service provider is offering its famous internet box, the Fiber Livebox, at an unusually low price.

For those who want to save money on their internet box (and who above all want better fiber quality), Orange has the solution. This triple-play offer allows you to have fiber with very high speed (400 Mb / s), unlimited calls to landlines and 140 TV channels at the price of 22.99 euros per month. Normally, this formula is displayed at the price of 42.99 euros per month.

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In terms of value for money, this Orange Livebox is very surprising. To make it easier for you to set up, the ISP first offers you up to 100 euros in termination fees if you come from the competition: this allows you to make a transition at no cost. Then, if you are not comfortable with the internet box, it also allows you to request a technician to have a home installation with equipment verification.

Orange and its internet box, a real treat

If you use your internet connection on a regular basis, invest in an internet box high end is well worth it. In the case of Orange fiber, this allows you to be reassured with a regular and powerful flow and customer support that is always just as responsive. Whether by phone or in stores, the ISP is the most efficient.

To come to the actual content of this special Orange Livebox offer, here is what it is. First of all, the operator offers you a 400 Mb / s download and upload speed. With this speed, you can be more than one in the same accommodation and watch Netflix at the same time. Of course, you will have to check at the time of subscription that you are properly connected to the Orange fiber network (just enter your postal address to see it).

“Triple-play” internet box obliges, so you also have a telephony part. With this formula, you will therefore receive a phone number that will allow you to make and receive calls. For outgoing calls, be aware that conversations to landlines are free and without limits. This concerns calls to France and to 110 countries.

Finally, the last part concerns TV. By opting for this Fiber Livebox, Orange also gives you access to 140 TV channels with an optional 4K decoder. In short, you will have access to all the biggest TV channels thanks to the box which will be provided to you at the time of sending. In short, it is a complete and high-end internet box that provides real comfort for everyday life. Plus at this price, you can’t beat it.

To discover this internet box, it’s here:

I take the offer

Remember that this internet box is 22.99 euros per month for a year, after which it returns to its standard level. A 12-month commitment is required from the ISP: no problem since throughout this period, you have the advantageous price. Once this evolves, you may very well decide to go elsewhere. Although you will see, the comfort level at this ISP is not found anywhere else.

The other offers at the FAI

Clearly, our main choice is the Livebox Fiber internet box which costs 22.99 euros per month. It will respond to the uses of an overwhelming majority of all French people. Whether you are in a shared apartment, with a large family or on your own, this is a great choice. Now if you need super high throughput for a specific activity, there is an alternative.

Luckily, Orange is also offering a flash sale on its Livebox Up Fiber. As you can imagine, it is also a triple-play internet box with an internet, telephone and TV part. Everything is boosted and it is for this reason that the price is also higher.

In detail, this internet box offers a speed of up to 2 Gb / s shared for download (maximum 1 Gb / s per device), unlimited calls to landlines as well as to mobiles in mainland France, Europe, DOM, USA and in Canada, as well as 140 TV channels and the 4K decoder. For this formula, it will take 30.99 euros instead of 49.99 euros per month. As a bonus, you receive the Connected Home service at no additional cost.

As for the first internet box, there is a commitment for the first year and the price will change after this period. For those who need a lot of bandwidth for a specific activity, this Orange internet box is a very good choice. But once again, it does not correspond to a use for the majority of the French population.

Finally, as you can see on the page dedicated to Orange internet boxes, there is a last offer that combines internet and mobile. You can get fiber with TV and a 70 GB mobile plan for 29.99 euros per month. Here too, we have a 12-month commitment and a rising price. Having said that, if you are intending to change everything, this is a great choice. With Orange, in general, we are never disappointed.

To learn more about the Fiber Livebox, it’s here:

I take the offer

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