Authorities informed: Cyber ​​attack on Emil Frey Group

The Emil Frey Group was the victim of a hacker attack. As the dealership group announced, “some areas” of the “operational activity” were affected by the attack. The responsible authorities have been informed and they are working with internal and external specialists to determine the extent of the damage and to look for solutions. The company declined to provide any further information on the type and scope of the attack before the investigation was concluded.

The Emil Frey Group opened its online department store in spring 2020 and took on a pioneering role in online sales. The German market plays a pioneering role for the dealership group. According to earlier statements, Emil Frey manager Bernd Linneschmidt expects online sales to account for 20 percent of total sales by 2025.

“We have been dealing with a worrying number of such attacks in the past few months,” said Sebastian Artz, an expert on cyber and information security at the industry association Bitkom, at the end of last year Automobile week. According to a study by the industry association, the damage to the German economy in twelve months will amount to more than 220 billion euros. This is about twice as high as it was two years ago. Nine out of ten companies were affected by attacks in 2020/2021. 1000 companies across Germany were surveyed.

So far, no increased cyber attacks on vehicle workshops

So far, only a few cyber attacks have been heard from the motor vehicle trade. “I am not aware of any increased incidence of cyber attacks,” said Antje Woltermann, managing director of the Central Association of the German Motor Vehicle Industry.

This message will be updated as more information becomes available.

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