Bill Gates thinks about Omicron, the new variant of COVID-19

Bill Gates has had a very prominent role during this pandemic, both by having anticipated it years ago and by helping to learn details about it that have helped to defeat it with vaccines.

Today it seems that we are far from beating COVID-19. The latest variant, Omicron, is sending millions of people home in a few days, but at least there are not as many deaths as in the first wave, indicating that both the force of the virus and our defenses towards it, have acted in favor of humanity.

The fact is that the technology giant has given its opinion on the subject and Twitter.

Bill Gates believes that this year will be the last of the pandemic, and that after Omicron everything will be like the flu. Before the year was out, and as COVID cases began to rise, Gates called Omicron the worst part of the pandemic, and speaking with Professor Devi Sridhar, a leading global public health expert, Gates reiterated his belief that the pandemic could end in 2022 if we take the right measures.

He naturally advocates the use of vaccines to reduce the severity of the disease and stop the infection in its tracks, and praised the responses of certain countries, such as Australia, which quickly expanded their testing and isolated infected people.

He criticized the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, stating that they lack the resources to detect an incoming pandemic, but saw some hope in rising infections due to the Omicron variant for an estimate. about the end of the pandemic.

He does not believe that there will be a more transmissible variant than Omicron, and assures that current infections will create immunity for the next year, although he makes it clear that it will be necessary to take annual vaccines for COVID-19 for some time.

On the other hand, the CEO of Pfizer has already confirmed that its specific Omicron vaccine would be ready by March.

Meanwhile, everything indicates that over the next two months, half of Europe will be infected with Omicron.

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