Minister for Tesla approval for Grünheide: We are hopefully on the last few meters

Brandenburg’s Minister of Economic Affairs, Jörg Steinbach (SPD), is in favor of approving the decision on the date of the decision Tesla-Fabrik in Grünheide covered near Berlin. “We are hopefully on the last few meters as far as the whole issue of the permit for the factory is concerned,” he said in the economic committee. He does not want to make speculative statements. Steinbach only said that intensive consultations are currently taking place. However, it would not serve the matter to want to influence the proceedings through public statements – even if only indirectly.

The US electric car maker had received further options for preliminary tests on Monday of this week, despite the lack of final approval. At Tesla’s request, the approval authority, the State Office for the Environment, extended and extended the previous early approval for functional tests for 250 car bodies. A function test with up to 2000 other bodies was allowed.

Cars are not allowed to be sold

When submitting the application, Tesla had proven that the installation of the systems had not yet been completed, Steinbach explained to the committee. Therefore, an extension of the test operation was approved. Tesla was not allowed to sell the cars until approval was granted, the Minister of Economic Affairs emphasized.

Because of the Tesla settlement near Berlin, several associations see problems with the water supply in the region because of a legal dispute. The Strausberg-Erkner Water Association (WSE), which is supposed to supply Tesla with 1.4 million cubic meters of drinking water every year, has doubts about a guarantee of the water supply for Tesla. The environmental associations Green League and the Brandenburg Nature Conservation Association are currently proceeding against a permit under water law for increased water pumping by the Eggersdorf waterworks, which is also supposed to supply water for Tesla. (dpa-AFX / gem)

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