Something worse than being stuck in an Uber for 14 hours because of the snow? Yes, they charge you 600 euros above

In the first week of January, a colossal snowfall fully maintained stuck up to 30 hours to thousands of drivers, and passengers, on the interstate highway I-95 as it passes through the state of Virginia (USA).

Among those affected was the Uber passenger, and their driver, who spent a total of 14 hours in the car of this multinational VTC. And after the nightmare, the client was surprised.

And it is that the company later passed a total bill of nothing less than little more than 700 dollars, which is equivalent to the current exchange rate of about 616 euros. The client complained, of course.

The ride cost $ 300, but then an additional $ 400 came

Andrew Peters, the passenger in question, landed at Dulles International Airport, just outside of Washington DC from San Franscisco. There requested an Uber to get to his home in Richmond (Virginia’s capital).

Everything was going well until they entered the interstate 95, where they ran into a traffic jam in which no car was moving. A truck had suffered an accident, to which was added a snowstorm that left more than 30 cm. The result was monumental traffic jam in which no vehicle was moving along 80 kilometers.

Thousands of vehicles, essentially both trucks and cars, they were stranded and there are those who spent up to 30 hours inside. In the case of Uber, there were “only” 14, but for example a senator, Tim Kaine, took up to 27 hours to get to his office.

Peters explica a NBC that after entering the highway they were completely stopped: “There were cars behind us. There was nowhere to go. It was like being in a strange parking lot”

After hours that must have been made eternal for the driver and the client, which details that he lived Dantesque moments, with people walking on the road with temperatures below zero, the traffic was moving slowly.

In total, they were 14 hours those passed by Peters at the VTC: upon arrival at the destination, the service charged him 200 dollars, to which this client added $ 100 for the “hassle”. A tip that the poor worker appreciated.

However, subsequently, Uber applied a charge to the race of 400 dollars, raising the total bill to $ 701.47, that is to say about 617 euros to change. And it is that this company warns that on its website that, for traffic reasons, the journey may take longer than expected and that “to compensate your driver for the extra time, the rate may change “.

Uber car

It is precisely for what the company chose, to make an additional charge afterwards. Peters did not agree with the amount, given the situation, so he claimed the position. And this time, Uber agreed with him and applied a refund.

“We recognize that the prolonged closure of the highway was an extraordinary circumstance for the client and the driver,” explained a spokesperson for the firm, according to NBC.

But although they agreed with the client, compensating him, the poor driver should have seen his fees increased before such a nightmare also suffered. Although it is pointed out that the error was his by not checking the traffic status and alerting the passenger of the situation.

The Uber drivers, as detailed on the web, earn a part of the price applied for each trip they make. In addition, these are dynamic, since they depend on the demand or the state of the traffic.

Drivers have a minimum amount for each trip, regardless of the time and route used. But the rate applied to the client also covers company costs, such as the development and maintenance of the hiring app or the customer service.

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