The best large vans to make you the ultimate Grand Volume camper, from Fiat Ducato to Ford Transit

It is time to speak of major words. After you have seen the options for camperize a compact van Y an average vanNow it is the turn of more ambitious projects with many more possibilities.

We are talking about Large camper vans also known as Large Volume, those that can almost rival a motorhome and those that let our imagination fly … and the budget too, of course.

Fiat Ducato

Fiat Ducato 2021 05

The Fiat Ducato Over the years it has become the absolute queen of camper vans. It is a reliable van, with an average price and a balanced offer that together with the Citroën Jumper and Peugeot Boxer it has captured a good part of the market.

Its offering is vast, with an L1H1 option that almost rivals the medium vans at 4,963mm long by 2,254mm high up to 6,363mm long and 2,764mm high of the L4H3. In total we have eight configurations with three battles, four lengths and three heights. The minimum interior space ranges from 2,670mm long and 1,662mm high to a stately 4,070 and 2,168mm for the longest configuration.

Fiat Ducato 2021 04

It is not the largest of the Large Volume vans, but the variety is very wide. It is not surprising that the camperisations that we can find in the market range from a modest van for a couple and little else up to four seats to travel and four to sleep, with beds in a bunk arrangement and a private bathroom.

Another point in favor of this trio is the availability of spare parts, whether new or second-hand. It is easy to find any part you need and there is a lot of aftermarket equipment of specific camper accessories for these models, which makes the task much easier when we are looking for custom-made blinds, airvents, windshields …

Its price starts at 26.835 euros, without taxes, of course. Here you can find used Fiat Ducato deals, including some camperized.

Volkswagen Crafter

Camper 9

Maybe the Volkswagen Crafter (now also marketed as MAN TGE, from the same group) may not be the most popular van, but the arrival of the Volkswagen Grand California has given it a good dose of popularity in the camper world.

For a few years, The Volkswagen Crafter are already an independent van, parting ways with the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Before, both German vans shared the same platform, adapting to the style of their respective brands, so in older models we can find very similar offers.

Camper 10

It is currently available in three different lengths: medium wheelbase, long wheelbase and long wheelbase with cantilever and two heights. It starts at 5,986mm long by 2,355mm high on the outside with a 3,450mm minimum interior length and a height of between 1,726 and 1,961mm. The length can amount to 7.39 meters.

In this way, it becomes a larger option than the Ducato-Boxer-Jumper trio and, in addition, a model that can be very well equipped and with resistant finishes for the cabin that are noticeable at a price that starts from 36,070 euros without tax.

The camper compartment also has many possibilities because its structure is very regular, with almost right angles, which makes interior work much easier. Here we leave you some options on offer.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Camper 7

Veteran where they exist and the heir to a long line of campers called James Cook (in image), the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter It is part of the aristocracy of livable vans and it is a very option to consider.

Their Achilles heel is the existence of few units (in good condition) but they make up for it with a very high level of reliability and chassis options available for all tastes.

Camper 8

The compact version starts at 5,267mm long, being 30cm longer than a Ducato, but 70cm shorter than a Crafter. From there we can go up to the extra-long raised roof that reaches some mammoth 7,367 mm long and 2,825 mm high. In total there are four lengths and three heights with front, rear or integral wheel drive.

It is the most expensive van starting from 24.344 euros (ex-factory price) and on the second-hand market are well priced due to their robustness, as you can see here.

Renault Master

Camper 5

The Renault Master starts at 17,302 euros (without taxes and with discounts), and it is the French offer for a transport van that is not at all usual to find in the camper world.

It is currently offered in three lengths (5,075, 5,575 and 6,225 mm) and three heights (2,307, 2,500 and 2,488 mm), standing in the middle for sizes moving in the segment.

Camper 6

It is not as equipped or has the finishes of other more renowned models, but it is not a second-hand van that can be found too cheap due to the limited supply. Something that does not help its popularity either.

There aren’t many, but here are some offers from Renault Master used.

Iveco Daily

Camper 3

And we go back to talking about another heavyweight among the vans. The Iveco Daily It comes from Italy with a very complete offer that now ranges from diesel engines to electric versions through CNG engines, with Hi-Matic manual or automatic gearboxes and front, rear or 4×4 traction.

Its dimensions can be of the most complete and ambitious, with a compact version of 5,038 mm long up to 7,498 mm long and 2,100 mm of interior height to add a total of 19.6 m³ for the cargo space. It is therefore the van with a potentially greater length.

Camper 4

You can choose with various engines, but also with different configurations for the rear axle, being able to opt for a twin wheel on a reinforced axle, something that will be appreciated by those who want to build an extremely complete (and heavy) campervan.

Seeing the pull, Iveco has decided to offer its own factory camperization with a very complete model and that is the one that illustrates these lines. To start with a project from scratch here you go a few available.

Ford Transit

Camper 1

Finally we have to talk about the Ford Transit. The blue oval van also has tradition in the camper world. So much as to be associated with one of the mythical names: Nugget.

Under this nickname are included the camper created with Westfalia within the brand itself. Something that is getting a new boost with camper fever after a few years laying it fallow.

In its case, its measurements are like the Master, an intermediate point with lengths from 5,531 to 5,981 mm long and between 10 and 15.1 m³ for a cargo space with a height of 1,818 mm and a maximum length of 4,256 mm.

Its price starts at 22.761,25 euros without taxes and it is not that there are too many units for sale, which does not play in its favor as one of the most popular vans for those looking to make a camper from scratch.

Note: This car offer belongs to an affiliate. Despite this, the car on display has not been proposed by either the brand or the seller, its introduction being a unique decision of the team of editors.

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