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The Roborock H7 is available at the lowest price ever

One of the big throws today is the Roborock H7 cordless stationary vacuum cleaner, one of the manufacturer’s flagships. The machine doesn’t want to compete with cheap vacuum cleaners, it does he picks up the glove with the top machines, all at a good price. Maybe no one needs to introduce Roborock, which is one Xiaomi almárka, in addition to from the premium segment. We also test their stuff in general and are convincing, just as the H7 was when he visited us.

Let’s start with the most important thing, that this is a stubbornly powerful vacuum cleaner, With a power of 160 AW, which means a value of around 26,000 Pa. It can be operated in three modes, and on the weakest gear we can save up to 90 minutes on a single charge. But he’s in it carpet perception also, which covers so much that it senses when you step on the upholstery and then automatically raises the suction power. It goes without saying that he got into this model OLED display, which shows all the important data, is a novelty in that it can collect dirt not only in a dust container but also in a dust bag.

Its accessories are also very useful, they add also two motor heads, several reducers, flexible hose and wall bracket. Thanks to the MagBase system, each of them has a magnet that allows them to be snapped onto the holder, and then the device and its accessories are meticulously in order. Of course, you can worry about anything that can be magnetized, even on the side of the fridge.

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