This is the new Pine64 mobile for ARM versions of Linux

Pine64, the company that manufactures one of the alternatives to the Raspberry Pi single-board computer models, in addition to also bringing to the market certain models of smart mobile phones under Linux operating system, now increases its product portfolio with the new PinePhone Pro Explorer Edition, your new model of smart mobile phone under Linux.

In a similar way to the model they launched almost a year ago, el Brave Heart Edition, This model is also aimed at Linux enthusiasts who have sufficient knowledge, with the exception that months ago they released a version of this same model for developers, Now coming this new version for Linux enthusiasts at the same price, $ 399, which from today can pre-book from the official website.

Aimed at Linux enthusiasts

Regarding the specifications of hardware, this device that is included in the mid-range bets on Rockchip’s RK3399S chip as a processor, being a customization of the processor used in its Pine64 single computer board, whose architecture consists of two A71 1.5Ghz cores and four A53 cores 1.5 Ghz lower power.

It is accompanied by 4GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal eMMC storage, expandable up to 2 TB via microSD card. In the photographic section, the back has a 13MP Sony sensor camera, while the front camera uses an 8MP sensor.

Regarding the battery, this model uses a 3000 mAh Li-Po battery that, of course, must be purchased and shipped separately due to restrictions on shipments of devices that work with a lithium-ion battery.

This model also features a physical headphone jack and USB-C connector that also supports video output and fast data transfers. Regarding the operating system, this model supports Linux versions for ARM architecture.

Since Pine64 admits that they still have a long way to go to reach the average user of Android devices, among other issues, due to the lack of applications that an average user usually uses on their Android devices, from messaging services to banking services, among others.

In this regard, on the pre-orders page they already make it clear that:

aimed at Linux developers with extensive knowledge of embedded systems and / or experience with mobile Linux

We can assume that in the future we will also see mobiles from this company with an integrated Linux system for the average user.

More information: PinePhone Pro Explorer Edition website

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