Travel restrictions for each country in a unified search engine

Although the COVID-19 pandemic is not over, vaccination programs have allowed the reactivation of tourism in much of the world.

Each country has its own entry restrictions, which, although they can be consulted through the health entities of each place, are also available on a more friendly platform to set up itineraries.

A travel itinerary planner in times of pandemic

Traveling to another country no longer only requires complying with the classic formalities. Outside of the passport and visa, if applicable, now all the sanitary protection measures that each country has applied in its territory are integrated into this equation.

Previously, we reviewed some platforms like COVID Controls y Travelbans, which serve a similar purpose to the site that we present below, but their interfaces, being crammed with information, can sometimes be cumbersome for simple queries.

The new alternative on the scene is the Sherpa Travel Requirement Finder. Unlike the previous examples, this platform more closely resembles airline and hotel websites. It is enough to indicate the places of origin and destination, plus the vaccination status of the person traveling, the country that issued their passport, plus their round trip dates, to obtain a detailed report with the documentation required to travel. Additionally, this trip planner also allows you to analyze non-return trips and connecting flights.

Once that information has been submitted, the platform will present a summary of the travel requirements, plus a detailed breakdown of the restrictions and requirements imposed both to reach the destination and to return to the point of origin. Here the requirements related to vaccination schedules, quarantines, forms to be completed, documents to be submitted and additional information, if applicable, are specified.

This same information can also be consulted through a Map, which by navigating through the planisphere allows similar searches to be carried out.

Considering that the sanitary measures applied may vary periodically, between the emergence of new variants of the virus and new waves of contagion, it should be noted that since it is not an official platform, despite the fact that this site claims to contain updated information, it is always necessary to corroborate the information consulted with the official health sources of each country.

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