Tried a ZigBee socket with dimming function and switch

Do you have a classic floor or table lamp with integrated dimmable LEDs at home that you cannot or are not allowed to part with? Even in such a case, you don’t have to do without Philips Hue. I would like to introduce you to two options.

Normally, you simply use the Philips Hue Smart Plug, but it can only switch devices on and off, but not dim them. What is not a problem for a coffee machine or a chain of lights, however, already causes a functional limitation with a classic floor lamp.

The solution is a dimmable smart plug, which you can get from AduroSmart, for example. The costs for this are 34.95 euros, you can order the practical ZigBee plug, for example

The plug dimmer from EcoDim is perfect for classic floor lamps

But now I have another alternative for you, which you have already seen in the cover picture above. The smart “plug dimmer” from EcoDim. Yesterday I already introduced you to the filament light sources from the Dutch company, today the Smart Plug will follow.

From my point of view, this is designed a little better for use with classic light sources. In addition to the smart control via the Hue app, there is also a rotary control directly on the plug with which the connected lamp can be dimmed and switched on and off.

The coupling with the Hue Bridge was not a big hurdle, by the way. I just had to take off the rotary knob and then hit the reset button for 5 seconds to reset the smart plug. With two more short button presses on the reset button you come into the coupling mode. Also practical: right next to it there is a small screw with which you can adjust the minimum dimming level perfectly to the connected lamp.

Unfortunately, the EcoDim plug dimmer is currently not available in Germany. The practical accessories are available in the Netherlands for around 50 euros. You will get more information on the EcoDim website.

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