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We can receive the BlitzWolf weather station with two external units

Most of the time we check the current weather on our phone before we leave, but many people still keep a gadget dedicated to this task in their home. These have several benefits, but one of their undisputed good qualities is that accurately measure the outdoor temperature. While your phone shows the values ​​of a more remote measuring station, your own widget can even send current data from your garden. The other big advantage is that if we put it in a frequented place, then we can also check the weather almost out of the corner of our eye. It doesn’t really take a lot of effort to see how many degrees there are, and the information gets etched into our heads even if we just glance at it.

The BW-TM01 station consists of several parts. First of all it has an internal unit that also has a display, this measures internal temperature and humidity, and displays the time, date, and moon phase. Up to three external units can be connected to it, so you can send data from different locations. In the current offer, the two-sensor version is available at a good price, so pfor example, we can put one in the garden and the other in the car, or we put it in two completely separate places in the open and we can average the result.

Especially in very cold and extremely hot weather, the gadget is very useful, because this way we can be adequately prepared for the weather outside outside in the morning. We won’t even throw away our smartphone with such a gadget because it doesn’t show a forecast, but it’s still useful.

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