Charging without internet: BMW i Ventures invests in HeyCharge

BMW is investing through its venture capital fund BMW i Ventures as lead investor in the Munich start-up HeyCharge. The company has applied for a patent for the “SecureCharge” technology, which, according to BMW, enables e-cars to be charged in underground and multi-storey car parks without an Internet connection. Accordingly, the start-up collected a total of 4.7 million US dollars for its seed financing.

Kasper Sage, Managing Partner at BMW i Ventures, is quoted in the letter: “The market for electric vehicles will grow rapidly in the coming years and will require greater expansion of the charging infrastructure worldwide. HeyCharge is the first company to enable intelligent charging of electric vehicles without an Internet connection. That’s the key to making charging stations commercially viable regardless of location. That’s why we see HeyCharge as a crucial technology for the nationwide expansion of the charging infrastructure.”

Connection via Bluetooth

“SecureCharge” enables communication between chargers and the HeyCharge app or the Software Development Kit (SDK) via Bluetooth. This makes an on-site internet connection superfluous. This is practical, for example, in underground car parks in residential complexes, office buildings or hotels.

Chris Cardé, Founder and CEO of HeyCharge: “HeyCharge’s solution not only makes EV charging scalable, but also more cost-effective, allowing easy EV charging wherever people live or work. We’re excited to be in Partnering with BMW i Ventures for this round and look forward to using this investment to position and scale our product globally and bring cost-effective charging to consumers.”

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