Controversial nitrogen oxide limit values ​​for diesel cars: ECJ dismisses lawsuit

In the dispute over emission limit values ​​for cars in accordance with the Euro 6 standard, Germany won a victory at the European Court of Justice. On Thursday, the ECJ upheld an appeal against a ruling dealing with limit values ​​for nitrogen oxide after the Dieselgate scandal (cases C-177/19, C-178/19, C-179/19). This repeals a 2018 decision of the EU General Court in favor of the cities of Paris, Brussels and Madrid. They had hoped to be able to ban cars with certain pollutant emissions from certain areas.

At the time, the EU court found that the EU Commission had wrongly raised these limit values ​​by hand when it introduced measurements in practical driving operations (RDE). The Brussels authority wanted to counteract inaccuracies in the conversion of the calculation. For example, for a Euro 6 limit of 80 milligrams per kilometer, the limit for RDE tests was temporarily set at 168 milligrams and then at 120 milligrams. The laboratory values ​​were significantly lower than those that arise in real driving.

Lawsuits from Paris, Brussels and Madrid dismissed

On the other hand, Paris, Brussels and Madrid resisted, which saw their efforts to clean air impaired. They fear that cars that were unable to comply with the limit values ​​applicable at the time may also be allowed to enter restricted areas. You got right before the EU court.

Against this, however, Germany, Hungary and the EU Commission appealed and took action before the ECJ. “Since the cities of Paris, Brussels and Madrid are not directly affected by this regulation, their actions for the annulment of the regulation must be dismissed as inadmissible,” the court said in a statement. (dpa / swi)

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