Device to be used with the mask for monitoring vital signs

Masks are an element that, in addition to being used by health professionals in their jobs, have also been part of some cultures for some time, although the pandemic has caused them to become widely used throughout the world, with the possibility that once it passes, this element can continue to be used in certain scenarios by a large part of the population.

With this in mind, researchers at Northwestern University have created a small electronic device to be used inside any type of mask, be it an N95, surgical or cloth, attached by a magnet, whose purpose is continuous data collection. for monitoring some aspects of one’s own health.

This element of hardware has been baptized as FaceBit and called “FitBit for the face”, since the researchers understand that health monitoring currently goes far beyond the tracking that is usually done from smart watches and quantifying bracelets.

The face as a place to monitor people’s health

And it is that in recent times other connected devices have also arrived that also monitor health, such as the second-generation Nest Hub smart screen with its sleep monitoring function through the Soli chips, among others.

And taking advantage of the widespread use of masks, and their continuity in the future, they understand that their use will make it possible to monitor certain vital signs, by thinking of people’s faces as a viable place to obtain health data from the same.

For Josiah Hester, who leads the development of this device:

We wanted to design a smart face mask for healthcare professionals that doesn’t need to be inconveniently plugged in for half a shift (…) We increased battery power by harvesting power from multiple sources, which means you can use the mask for a week or two without having to charge or replace the battery

In addition to vital signs, the device is also capable of notifying when the mask is not on correctly. Currently, the device allows an autonomy of 11 days, although the researchers want to create a version without a battery, obtaining the energy to work from thermal and kinetic energy.

For now, this device will undergo more clinical trials, although the product is also offered as an open source project for those who want to dig deeper into it.

Link: FaceBit
Via: TechCrunch

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