Everything is fine with the Exynos 2200, according to Samsung

It was not announced at the expected time, but there is nothing to worry about.


The new Samsung chipset Exynos 2200 was expected to be unveiled by the manufacturer before the Galaxy S22, which was used for the first time, but despite the fact that many expected it to be revealed on January 11, the Korean manufacturer’s next-generation solution has yet to be officially announced. the Exynos 2200 does not exist. And of course, the whispering right away started that there was a definite problem with the design, with many speculating that AMD’s RDNA 2 architecture hadn’t been used so well, but Samsung had officially refuted these horrors.


The Exynos 2200 chispet will thus be unveiled at the same time as the Galaxy S22 family, which is expected to happen on February 8, according to Korean news. The most important thing for the company is to put a solution on the table that fixes the flaws of previous chipsets and can once again be competitive with Qualcomm’s current offering. This is the same as Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, a series of top-of-the-line models that are already using it this year, and Samsung’s plan is to make the Exynos 2200 more powerful, especially in terms of GPU performance, so it won’t make users believe it. that Qualcomm (USA) in some markets and Exynos (Europe) in other regions will be the upcoming top model.


By the way, the industry has been curious about the GPU using AMD’s RDNA 2 architecture since the two companies were announced to work together, as the technology may be familiar from being used in both the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X. , but the phones won’t deliver the same performance as a fresh console, but it could still be an improvement over the previous solution.

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