Google Meet already has live translated subtitles in its web and mobile version

The Google team announced that it is bringing translated automatic captions to both the web version of Meet and mobile apps.

So now you will find that the translated subtitles are part of the stable features of Google Meet.

Last year, the team of Google announced that it was implementing a beta test on Meet, which would make it easier for users to participate in meetings with members who speak different languages. A dynamic of subtitles automatically translated into a second language as the conversation unfolds.

So you could follow the conversation in real time in a language you don’t know, and without the need to resort to third-party tools. A dynamic that is applied to English conversations to translate subtitles in real time into Spanish, Portuguese, German and French.

And the process to activate the translation of the automatic subtitles is very simple, since you will find this option in the settings of the call or meeting. Once you open the Settings section, you will find the “automatic translation” option along with a series of settings to specify the language of the translation.

At that time, this feature was only available to a small group of users, but now it is extended to the web version and mobile apps of Google Meet. A dynamic that is more than practical, either for work meetings or for educational environments.

One thing to note is that it is not yet available for all Workspace accounts. If you want to see if it’s available on your Google Meet account, just go to Settings >> Captions >> Translated Captions. And if you are on mobile then go to Settings >> Subtitles >> Live Subtitles >> Translation Language.

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